Friday, December 26, 2008

Flaming the Christmas Pudding

This is the flaming of the Christmas Pudding yesterday. Bette, Hagos's mother made it, along with the can't-possibly-squeeze-any-more-brandy-into-the brandy butter. She had the brandy she brought with her to flame it confiscated at Prestick Airport on the way down, so we had to make do with using Highland Park whisky to flame it with instead. Both the pudding and brandy butter were delicious.And this is Meg enjoying the wrapping paper from the presents, as she usually does. She particularly took to this piece of paper and slept in it for most of the day.

We had a really lovely, peaceful day. I got a gorgeous pair of port glasses from Hagos, (as well as my electric piano!) and a lovely sewing basket from Bette. In fact, I liked every one of my presents.

I'm glad that's it for another year though. It's all very well, etc, but I do like to be getting on with things.


Anonymous said...

The more i read your blog the more i feel we may have been twins in a past life!!
Sewing, baking, cats, and now port!!!

Polly said...

How intruiging Anonymous! Do you have a blog yourself? Paula x x x