Saturday, December 20, 2008

Existential O'Clock

The fudge turned out very well. It's delicious, and I think I got enough for five bagfulls, though I only need three, so Hagos and I have already eaten our way through one bag :)
I've been feeling teary all day. Pretty much everything's been setting me off. Wishing I could help my sister who is feeling the effects of being too busy. Then on the drive into town this morning a man was crossing the road in front of us and he obviously had some neurological problem, and watching the effort of him walking made me teary. Then all the madness of the shoppers pre-Christmas. And in The Guardian today, a feature in the Family section of an 80 year old man whose wife had died and he'd found love and companionship again. I couldn't read the whole feature because it made me cry. His description of having had a good marriage for something like 50 years, and not being ready to lose his wife when she died. And seeing images of the Lockerbie plane crash in the papers the last couple of days. My hometown in Scotland is five miles from Lockierbie, and my sister and her family lived in Lockerbie when it happened. I lived in London at the time, and Hagos and I went up to Scotland for Christmas, and about 20 yards from my sister's front door was one of the plane's engines embedded in the tarmac. And being annoyed that Rachel didn't win Strictly Come Dancing tonight when she was by far the better dancer. I never took to Tom and he came across to me as being smug and self-obsessed.

And sometimes just observing people going about their business makes me sad. It reminds me of the story Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka - the futility of the struggle!

Oh dear, this is very Christmassy, isn't it!
On a much lighter note: I bought the above haberdasherry from Anglian Fashion Fabrics, which is round the corner from my work. The paper string I love. It has that Quaker appeal. And it was only 10p a metre! I wanted to buy five metres of each colour but only bought three in case the shopkeeper thought I was being greedy. And the coloured cord is for yet more toiletries bags. I have three in mind. And then, I really do think almost everyone I know will have a toiletries bag made by me and I will have to think of something new to make.

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