Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rowan past and present

I was looking through my old Rowan magazines yesterday because my friend wanted me to teach her how to crochet granny squares and I remembered there was a pattern in one of the magazines.
As well as discovering the granny square pattern I came across all these sweet patterns for making frogs, fish and love hearts, and a top, a bag, a hot water bottle cover, cushion covers and toiletries bags.
And the occasional tail.
That's what I really loved about the old magazines - they had a great mix of things to make. Not just knitting but small sewing projects as well. I particularly like the little cloth for the tray.
This is the last Rowan magazine I like. After that they seemed to lose the plot. Multi-layers and confusing photographs so that I couldn't tell what I was supposed to be looking at. All knitted garments that cost a FORTUNE to make. And no small projects to whip up in an afternoon over a pot of tea, and no sewing patterns either. A real shame.
While I was releasing a slug back into the wild that I'd found attached to Meg's underbelly (yuck) I saw this amazing creature on my bush outside our living room window. I particularly liked its furry ears. No idea what it is.
And talking of amazing creatures - look who was on hand to help me finish slip stitching the lining of my skirt to the zip. One of the most intricate jobs and Meg was there walking all over the skirt and nudging and bumping into me.

That's two skirts completely finished, and still four more to go!

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