Monday, May 26, 2008

The Factory

After dropping Hagos off at the bus station this morning for his gig in London, I came home with a list of stuff to do. Stuff that I would normally consider fun, but because it was in a list it felt oppressive and like it wouldn't be fun at all.

So I decided to begin by setting the scene. I lit a fire, washed the dishes and set to work making my chocolate meringues. I've been promising my work colleagues I'd make them meringues for months now. Everyone is on a diet and we decided meringues dipped in chocolate wouldn't be too calorific because meringues are mostly air.

Once I'd started mixing the egg whites and the sugar with my super new electric whisk that my mum and dad got me for Christmas I started enjoying myself.

Above is the finished result and I think everyone will be pleased with them tomorrow.I then went into overdrive and finished making three skirts. I love this.
And this.

And I especially love this: the hydrangea material my sister got me for my birthday. I think it's my favourite. It's so bold and colourful and it has a connection to my granny and my sister.

Now I just have the Kaffe Fassett Daisy Green skirt to finish, and then I will be finished all my skirts! I almost have one for every day of the week.

I'm currently reading Paradise by A L Kennedy, and so far I'm absolutely loving it. Finally, an A L Kennedy that I like! Now I'm going to watch Pushing Daisies (again), our new favourite programme, and relax on the couch with something nice to drink.

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Mary Beth said...

Your day sounds so delightful--baking and sewing . . . ahh. I love those summer skirts so much! Did you use the Sew What Skirts book?