Monday, May 05, 2008


Thanks to Anna Maria Horner I discovered tonight that my Kaffe Fassett Verbena Cobalt material reminds me of Hydrangea bushes. Phew!!! It's been driving me mad. My Granny had blue and pink hydrangeas in her garden, I think. And red berries we were told a thousand times that the birds could eat but we couldn't or we would die. That was enough to ensure our compliance.

Whenever I'm nearby I always walk past my Granny's old house. She had an upstairs neighbour called Maud, who didn't have a telly. We wondered what she did all day. Listened to the radio, she said. That sounded a bit boring to us. Next door lived Elsie who made rag dolls. She made me a couple and I wish I still had them. The clothes on the dolls were lovely. And the other side was Mona who had the sweet shop, where we headed every Saturday as soon as we had our pocket money. My Granny always made the most delicious tattie soup that none of us can replicate, and had a shop bought madeira cake with icing on top. Every Saturday. I'd love to be able to go and visit her for a Saturday tomorrow.

Well, I'm a bit teary today. I'm premenstrual, which is why. I have to keep reminding myself so I don't take it seriously. But being premenstrual means I'm also vague, so I keep forgetting. D'Oh!

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