Monday, May 05, 2008

Buttons and Toblerone

I finally finished the bags by sewing the button closures on. I did it when I was very tired and got very grumpy with the fiddliness of it. Sewing the ribbon on was particularly unsatisfactory. In fact, I don't much like this method of closing the bags at all and think in future I might sew a flap of material over and fasten it with velcro? stud closure? Something better anyway.
Today I REALLY wanted to buy a big bar of Toblerone (a new, favourite programme of ours is Pushing Daisies, which is sponsored by Toblerone), sit in a cafe, order a pot of loose leaf Earl Grey tea and read a good book. What I actually did was: drive to the gym, spotted that the pool was empty, practically ran down the stairs to get changed, and then swam for half a hour in an empty pool, finished off by a ten minute sauna. It was so nice. And by the time I got home I'd got over my craving for Toblerone.

1 comment:

Angifreak said...

Your bags are lovely, and the button closures are very pretty.

Pushing Daisies is such a fantastic show; unfortunately we didn't get new episodes due to that wretched writer's strike. I hope it hasn't been canceled here...

And a Tobelerone is what the doctor ordered for PMT. I know you've been really strict about your diet, so you deserve a treat!