Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pasta e fagioli

It was my turn to cook again last night so I thought I'd try this dish from one of Nigella's cook books, pasta e fagioli. Or borlotti beans and pasta stewy-soup. I even soaked the borlotti beans all day (no tinned beans here). The only difference was I didn't have any fresh rosemary, so opted instead to flavour it with half a jar of pesto! It was quite simple and wholesome and good. Here is my version:
It looks fairly similar. I had to sieve out some of the cooking juice before I added the blended beans because it was too watery. Anyway, Hagos liked it (went back for seconds) so that's all that matters.

Next week Hagos is away on Saturday night so I said I'd cook on Friday night instead. I already have the pudding planned (because after we'd eaten dinner last night he asked what was for dessert - nothing). So I think I might tend towards a lighter dinner.

I'm really enjoying cooking once a week. It takes me the whole week to plan and prepare for the one meal. And because I can't actually cook myself it means I have to follow recipes out of cook books, which means I try stuff we don't usually have.

Note to Hagos and Pete - Friday's dessert is going to be amazing!

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