Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm growing chillies and potatoes* (see caveat)

This is my chilli plant. And below are my potatoes.
The caveat is that I'm growing them now, but up until yesterday they were being grown and nurtured by our friends Janie and Ba (below, with Hagos) who are growing-things-people extraordinaire.

The chilli seeds were given to us by Hagos's brother and his family for Christmas, but we adopted them out to Janie to give them any kind of a chance at life. And yesterday she gave us a chilli plant back. We've put it in the bathroom on top of the beams where we get the most sunlight in the house, and apparently there are only two golden rules: don't let them dry out, and don't over-water them.

I was very excited when they gave us some of their potatoes as well. I can't wait till August when we can eat them! I just hope Meg leaves them alone. She was out there this morning digging in the pot.

I really love the idea of growing things, I've just never had much luck keeping house plants alive. Given the success of managing to keep the chillies and potatoes alive overnight, I'm even thinking of going to the garden centre and buying some tomato plants.
I don't know why I took a photo of everyone in a bus shelter. There were many more beautiful places to take photographs in the day, including their lovely back garden and house, and the country walk we took to the garden centre where we had coffee.
And continuing the theme of success - here are my pizzas I made for dinner on Saturday night. I also did a salad. Even Hagos said the pizzas were delicious, though he kept going on about how much raw garlic I'd put on top!

Now I just have to think of what to cook this Saturday night.

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