Monday, May 28, 2007

I made a skirt!

I've had a great weekend. Today I went out for a walk in the rain to Reepham Station. It's about fifteen, twenty minutes away. The old station, to the right, houses a teashop and sells odd things like jams and marmalades and boxes, like this: and this: Then I went across to the building on the left, where there is more variety of objects, including pine furniture that's made on site.

I then came home and got stuck into making my skirt.
I've sewn it together now, just the very top band to hem. In my usual fashion I just got stuck in and learned as I went along. It's been about 20 years since I last used a sewing machine. The zip attachment is very cool, though I need more practise at inserting zips... Unfortunately it is a wee bit tight. It does fit but I could do with losing a few pounds before it will be really comfy. I used a skirt I really like as a template. I actually couldn't have made the skirt any bigger as I had ordered too little material. Next time I'll order more. As a learning experiment it was great fun though and I'm sure I'll improve next time round and it'll fit!

I'm tired and hungry now (when I sew something I have to make it in one go, otherwise I don't finish it for four years). I wanted to finish it to show Anna tomorrow.


Mette said...

I like the skirt! Great job!

Anonymous said...

You look lovely in your haircut pics. I just wanted to remind you of the dresses you made when we were about 15. Do you remeber me, you and Sandie on a big night out in Dfs? Well done with skirt it looks good. Deb xx