Monday, May 14, 2007


I had my hair cut and coloured today. My hairdresser, Claudia, came to my house instead of me going to her as I realised my appointment coincided with my husband going away for a few days with the car.

I was glad to have it done as my hair has been strangling me in bed, and it got so long it had no body or life to it, it just hung like curtains.
I've been feeling alarmed by my appearance lately (pre-haircut - hopefully this is the first step to recovery!). I took a couple of photos of myself last week and was shocked by how tired and old and sad I looked. Kind of like that programme Ten Years Younger, before any work has been done.

I think we've had so much going on lately, with my husband coming and going and various appointments and stuff I've had - I feel like I've been going through the motions this month and just ticking stuff off once I've done it instead of really enjoying each thing. I feel like I'm on the home run now. The build up is all towards Hagos going away on tour at the end of the month for six weeks. My work life is so busy and full-on (even though I only work four days a week) that I can't be too busy outside of work otherwise I start feeling claustrophobic. So, for the rest of the day I shall be bathing and maybe watching some gentle comedy, and steaming some vegetables and cuddling my cat.

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jen said...

I don't know what your hair looked like before, but it's very nice now!