Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bee Time and The Sewing Empire

It's bee time at our cottage. Every year the bees turn up for three to four weeks and the bush outside our kitchen window buzzes all day long and their furry little bums groove up and down and their legs are covered in pollen. I love the bees.

I finished my skirt and I'm really pleased with it:
I took it into work and everyone I showed it to immediately asked if I would make them one! So far I've agreed to make one for Joyce and Mo at cost (they are acting as guinea pigs after all) but in different material. Joyce is having the same material as mine but in different colours (kind of olive and muted yellow) and Mo is having Kaffe Fassett material, I think it's called Paperweight
Algae. It's greens and blues.

I've also made a bag:
I've ordered myself some Kaffe Fassett Paperweight Algae as well, and some more Amy Butler Eyelashes material. I'm fortunate enough to work near the fabric shop in Norwich so I go there for bits and pieces and I've also seen material I like but I'll wait until the online stuff turns up.

I've also agreed to make my sister a skirt for her birthday in July. I sent her a sample of the fabrics she can choose from. I know she'll find some of them funny.I'm taking Meg to the vet on Monday. It's seven miles away and I'm not looking forward to getting her into the cat carrier and taking her in the car. Luckily she was already registered with that vet under her previous owners so they've moved her medical records into our name now. I thought it was funny when the vet's receptionist asked me if Meg's previous owners knew she was living with us now. Like we'd stolen her. (Which we kind of did - well, gentle persuasion anyway, she didn't need much encouragement to be pampered and given loads of attention.)

I'm having another easy day. I'll finish making the bag (it's designed to carry a paperback book; so often I want to take my paperback to a cafe and don't have a suitable bag to carry it in). And I'll watch a little bit of The Darling Buds of May and read Pride and Prejudice.

Hagos is in Lithuania today. Estonia tomorrow, then they move into Scandinavia and central Europe. There's a chance I'll join him on tour in Dublin for three days. We'll see.

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