Monday, May 21, 2007


This is what was happening in our house on Saturday night. Our friend Robert came to stay. He is due to move to Germany in two weeks' time so this was a farewell visit. Our time with Robert always follows a well-worn course: drinking, playing Risk and 'troughing' (when Robert eats an entire packet of Bombay Mix from a bowl).

I've had a cold for over a week now so I had a couple of gin and tonics then drank water for the rest of the night. Robert won the game of Risk by not drawing attention to himself while we were playing (a virtually unheard of occurence). We wish him success and happiness in Germany with his band and family.

My cold has remained constant every day since I got it, that horribly heavy, sore body feeling. Sore throat, shooting headaches. Really nasty. Last night I was raging hot in bed and woke up today feeling better for the first time. Unfortunately I also woke up with a strange stomach thing. I had it last night too. I couldn't eat much dinner. This morning I had breakfast but haven't had any lunch and I'm not sure if I'll manage dinner (this is almost unheard of for me!). But at least I can function with a funny tummy. Better than having a cold.

Knitting news: I'm knitting another sock in mustard-coloured DK Alpaka with purple 4-ply and Debbie Bliss Maya details. So it's a mix of DK, 4-ply and chunky wool. Quite bizarre but I think it'll turn out okay. It's a half-hearted affair though.

My husband leaves for a six week tour on Friday. The first few days are always the most difficult. Adjusting to him being away, getting used to being by myself at home. Meg getting used to him being away too. I envy him travelling though. I used to tour with him, about ten years ago. We mainly toured in Europe, but I also got to go to Japan and America. Japan was by far the coolest place I've ever been, though I love Europe and Scandinavia too.

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