Sunday, May 27, 2007

Knitting Is DEAD - Long Live Sewing

Look what I bought today! I've been wanting a sewing machine for ages. I'm so excited.

I've been inspired by a lot of sewing blogs recently, mostly SouleMamma. There's an apron blog spin-off that got me very excited (not sure why?) and I've seen people making things like coasters and tops and dresses and skirts. I particularly like matching items, when the whole family has clothing made from the same material. I don't think Hagos will let me make us matching items though, might have to persuade my sister instead. We are similar in other ways: we both have an infectious laugh, we both sway backwards and forwards when we're standing still, we both hum absently to ourselves, and we both have short-term memory loss. Jacqueline recently told me a very funny story about taking money out of the joint bank account she has with her husband in the morning, forgetting about it, then wondering where the money had gone when she later went with him to take the money out again. The best part of the story was when her husband found an emergency phone number to complain. THEN she remembered.

Anyway, I digress.

My husband has now gone on tour. He flew to Russia on Saturday morning. It's their first gig tonight. He's away for six and a half weeks. So Meg and I are cosying ourselves in at home to make the most of the situation. I have BIG PLANS of THINGS TO DO while he's away. The sewing machine is part of it, but I'm keen to turn the whole house into a creative venue.

I also went food shopping today. My diet is very simple when Hagos is away. I eat fish, vegetables, fruit and I buy myself little sweet treats. Today I got some meringues from M&S, which I'll have with raspberries and cream.

Though it is raining, I was glad of the weather today as my Doc Marten summer sandals have a broken clasp, and my Animal sunglasses have lost one tiny little screw, thereby rendering both unwearable!!! Luckily my Rocket Dog boots are fine: I think I'll take it easy the rest of the day. Might do some more house-setting-up. Also want to critique some writing a friend gave me to look at. I'm very impressed by her dedication. Will also have a bath and see what I feel like after that.

Meg is better now after being on heat again. She got a rather nasty love bite between her shoulder blades. I had to put special plasters on her to stop her reopening the wound every day. She put up with it very well. She's been so sweet since Hagos left, not too clingy this time, a nice balance of cuddles and separate time. She made me laugh yesterday when I gave her new biscuits for her teeth. She was so eager to eat them she stepped in her soft food to get at them!
Little cuddly cat is THE BEST. I saw what must have been one of her relations looking out at me from a house when I walked through the graveyard yesterday. Both me and the cat did a double take, and if I hadn't just left Meg asleep on the couch at home I would've wondered what she was doing in someone else's house. Then I remembered Meg has several relations living in her previous house (her previous owner went to the same cat mum to get more kittens). I see cats that look like Meg frequently. They have her face and eyes if not always her colour. But this cat was small and ginger and had the exact same leg stripes! It reminded me of my own relatives back home in Dumfries. My mother has a large, extensive family and I frequently bump into people with brown hair and brown eyes who look like me.

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