Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blue and Red Socks; Cats absent then present again!

So, we have moved offices, and I'm glad to be out of crown court (and all the panicking people) and back in with some old friends and colleagues.

These are what I've been knitting on the bus this week:
I designed the colours myself! LOL. I really like them, only problem is, one sock is two rows longer than the other, because I was so blase about the pattern I read the foot length part when I was knitting the leg part. So I may have to knit two more socks the same to be able to pair them properly. The blue is Jaeger Baby Merino 4 ply, the red is Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply.

My little kitty has been on heat again this week. This is as much as we've seen of her since Saturday:Little paw prints on the floor. When I came home from work tonight though she was in the house sleeping. Then I sat down and she got on me, put her front paws high up on my chest, made me lean back so she could climb high up on my chest and lie on me there! It was SO nice to have her home though. We miss her so much when she's not here.

She's still a little energetic but I can see the hormones are leaving her system and I expect by tomorrow she'll be sleeping all day to catch up on the last two weeks. I'm DEFINITELY taking her to the vet this time. It doesn't seem fair to make her go through this every four weeks. She's still a stunning little ginger surprise though.I'm just about to have a bath. Then will hopefully have an early night, and maybe I'll take a whisky and ginger ale into the bath (my new favourite drink). Or maybe I should just have decaf earl grey tea. I'm SO happy it's Friday tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a relaxed weekend.

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