Monday, April 02, 2007

Beady Socks, Camouflage Sleeves, and a Bolero!

First of all - finished beady bed socks. They're really soft underfoot, and warm (though short). And very quick to knit up. I had the second one half-finished for ages and decided to just get on with it yesterday while watching Persuasion. They are, of course, knitted in RYC cashsoft 4-ply.

Secondly - sleeves.

I know they're a bit bizarre. I bought the wool one day on the way into town to pick up my husband from the station. The train was delayed so I stopped off at a sweet little wool shop en route and fell in love with this Debbie Bliss - I think it's Maya. I didn't know what I wanted to make with it but couldn't leave the shop without it. I bought three hanks thinking I'd make a bag, but when I got it home really wanted to knit it up as sleeves. Initially I thought about buying other, chunky wool for the body to make a jumper, but then decided to make a shrug instead (I'd had the idea since seeing the sleeves in one of the Rowan magazines). I made the pattern up as I went along, and only had to backtrack a little. Knitted two sleeves the same then joined it in a block along the back, knitting a love heart into it. But it kept slipping off my shoulders, so I ripped out the middle panel and put a gap in for my head. It looks a wee bit strange but the sleeves are SO warm and I LOVE the colours. I have enough short-sleeved jumpers for it to be useful. I finished this about six months ago.

And finally my bolero: I finished this about two years ago. I made it when I was working my way through Vintage Knits. It's knitted in 4-ply Jaeger, which is lovely and soft and cosy to wear. The only problem I have with the pattern is that the band is knitted separately (which initially I was pleased about because I hate picking up to knit bands!) however, it was only after I'd sewn the band onto the garment that I realised I should have kept it taut. My band is now crinkly and I have to steam press it to make it sit right. So it's turned into more of a cosy bolero, than a wearing-out bolero. My friend sewed the two Chinese fastenings onto it for me. I really like them, though when I saw this pin in John Lewis the other day I thought I might change them for that. It reminds me of the pins we used to pin our kilts when I was a kid! The buttons are there for no reason except I like them and bought them at the same time as the pin. The background for this photo is my filthy car.

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