Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Eggs, Warm Fire, Local Airport

We had been eating Cadburys Easter Eggs until seeing a TV trailer about exploited children working 14 hours a day on cocoa plantations to produce our Easter Eggs. So we switched to Green and Blacks just to make sure, though I think Cadburys has a fair trade policy anyway, and vaguely recall that Cadburys owns Green and Blacks? I must check with my friend Janie who knows about these things.

Saturday was a lovely day. Eating our eggs, sitting in front of a roaring fire: and reading my new magazines, Selvedge: which are totally amazing and inspirational. All about design. I also managed a bit more of Gemma, which I'm finding surprisingly easy this time round. I may even finish it!!!

Today I dropped my husband off at Norwich Airport for him to fly to Amsterdam to join his tour. Usually he flies from one of the London airports, so it was amazing to take him to Norwich International instead. It took 35 mins round trip. I miss him very much already! Luckily he'll be back on Friday so we'll have our long weekend together as usual. I always wander round the house a bit lost the first day he goes away. Takes me a while to adjust and get into my stride. Meg has already gone to sleep on his couch in his studio.
I'm now on my healthy diet of fish, veg and fruit juice after my little foray into chocolate.

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