Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cats, walks and haircuts

I'm SO tired. I had about two hours sleep last night. And had to work today, so I'm barely functioning.

This was me and Meg in my shed on Monday. Usually she stands right in front of me when I'm working on my laptop, but on Monday she suddenly plonked herself down as you can see and fell asleep. I think she liked the warm vent that her belly was covering. I tried to switch the laptop off before I went to lunch but had to push my finger underneath her head, which she didn't like. I got hissed at.

I have no knitting to show, though today I started a pair of baby socks on the bus into work. I'm using leftover wool, green and red Rowan cashsoft. No recipient in mind, I just felt like knitting something very easy and very quick and very light to carry.

Hagos and I have a busy period coming up. He has various work commitments and will be home and away a lot, and my office is about to move buildings this weekend. We're moving out of crown court and back into my old office building where I have lots of friends, a few of which are knitters. I'll still be doing the same job but the idea is that our workload will be spread among more people.

We took a walk to our little stream on Monday too. It's where we go when we want to think.

My hair is ultra long at the moment. When I saw Mariella on the book show on Sunday I thought I might like to get this done next time I see my hairdresser. I have an appointment for mid-May (she's in demand) and I can't wait.

Okay, I'm off to bed!

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