Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Padded Dress

I really like this dress and when I eventually get my sewing machine I may attempt to make something like it.
I also really like Amy Butler stuff, designs and fabric, but it's difficult to source in the UK. I've requested some Coriander Seagreen material from my work colleagues for my birthday this weekend. I'll make a skirt with it.
I'm missing my husband very much and looking forward to seeing him on Friday. Meg has been very sweet to me, and didn't wake me up at all during the night last night. I jumped out of bed just after 7am to go looking for her as I thought she hadn't been home all night, only to find her stretching and looking sleepy on the landing when I opened the bedroom door.
It's my birthday on Saturday, and my friend Deb's birthday on Monday. We were born two days apart, our mothers worked together, our dads were friends when they were boys. We were sat together on our first day at primary school and we're still friends now. I last saw her when her son was just a few weeks old - that was about six years ago! We keep in touch via text and email. I have a photo of us when we were about 10 years old, standing in my front garden holding a couple of rag dolls. I'll try to find the photo and post it.
On our sixteenth birthday we took the train to Glasgow very early in the morning. On the train we mixed lipgloss with dark eyeshadow and put it on our lips. This was during our Goth phase. We felt very daring to be spending the day in Glasgow, and I spent about five hours choosing a Cure T-shirt to buy from an outlandish shop (coming from Dumfries, all the shops were outlandish). Years later, backstage at a festival in Europe when I was touring with Hagos's band, Robert Smith was standing a few feet away from me, wearing his wonky lipstick. I was so excited!
Deb was much more original than me when it came to her look. She had bleached hair, with dark roots, and she made some sleeves from a pair of fishnet tights. We both made our own dresses, mainly from ripped bits of material, which we thought very avant garde. From the age of 14 we went to pubs every Friday and Saturday night, dancing to the B52s (Rock Lobster) and The Mission with a sideways, insect-like back and forth movement. Occasionally we would 'bag' the school, meeting up at our friend Annette's house as both her parents were out at work, where we would watch video recordings of Top of the Pops. Good times.


knittymo said...

The B52's and the Cure and what was that other group was it the Mission that brings back memories of when i had green streaks in my backcombed hair wore red and black striped tops, with purple and black striped trews with pixie boots of course! i can remember being in london sitting in trafalgar square with a similarily weird looking boyfriend being questioned by the Police about what we were up to!

knittymo said...

see you tomorrow i am looking forward to starting my pink kidsilk haze top from knitty.com xx