Friday, April 06, 2007

Gemma: Resurrected in time for Easter!

I've had to stop myself, several times, from buying new wool and starting a new project.

Anyway, here is the lovely Gemma, resurrected. I've completed two sleeves and the photo above is of an almost-complete back. I just have to finish it and knit the front and then the damn jumper will be complete at last (so far it must be two years in the making). The loops don't seem so bad this time round (every sixth row involves knitting three stitches together through back loop). Maybe I've finally got a technique together. PLUS I've decided to ignore all the millions of ends for now.

I've been off work for the last week and a half, which is good in itself. But my mind is muddled at the moment. Trying to decide how/when to move to Edinburgh, figuring my husband's touring schedule in with Meg's potential pregnancy and what to do with my shed. It all whirls round in my head and I haven't arrived at a clear decision.

Today Hagos and I sat on the couch and ate an Easter egg and watched Futurama and that was FAB.

Last night we watched Galaxy Quest. I've seen the film about four times now (spread over two years) and it makes me laugh so much. Especially Alan Rickman.

Now we're thinking about going out to Wagamama's for dinner. Hagos goes to Europe on Sunday but will be back for my birthday next Saturday.

Another view of Gemma:

And an even cuter picture of little popcorn paws:

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