Monday, March 26, 2007

Mediterranean Skies (if only)

I'm in the shed again. This is the view from my window. It's beautiful and bright here today and the wall and little turretthing reminds me of being in France or Spain. This building is now disused and dilapidated - I've been inside and it's SO cool. Parts of the floor are missing, it's very dusty, now used to store god knows what and a whole load of rather expensive-looking wine. It used to be the village bakehouse, hence the turretthing I guess.

Well, this is just a short post to say nothing really. The juicer is still going well. I've just finished my morning juice, served in my favourite mug, which was a present from my husband, because Jeeves and Wooster is cool!

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Spanna said...

Hey this looks really sooper. Just thought I would let you know I HAVE DONE ITTTTTTTT. Sorry to hear about your uncle. Speak soon xx