Sunday, August 27, 2006

Vintage Knits Stripy Jumper # 2

Afore ye go...

I almost forgot, this is the 2nd Vintage Knits TV jumper I knitted. Sorry it's a bit crushed. I only bought one Kidsilk Haze pink ball of wool, having learned from the purple and green one I made (the blue and pink combo was my effort to knit something that wasn't purple and green - quite successful if I say so myself). The blue is Jaegar 4-ply again.

My third TV jumper that I'm currently knitting is apple green, I think it might be RYC 4-ply, absolutely gorgeous, and I'm using a strand of pink and a strand of green Kidsilk Haze together, left over from the two previous jumpers, which gives it a hazy, muted effect.

Okay, I really should go and do something else. Adios. x x x

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