Sunday, September 03, 2006

Secret Santa in August

This is my Autumn "Secret Santa" present, given to me by my colleague Anna, who also sews and knits. Somehow we got on to talking about Christmas and Secret Santa in the office about three weeks ago, and I suggested we did a Secret Santa now, so we could all get a present. Nobody was very interested, especially when I suggested it was conditional to make the present, except Anna.

Isn't it amazing?

I made her the hat with ear flaps from Rowan's Little Book of Big Accessories. I made it in Big Wool in the two-tone pink colour. Didn't manage to take a photo before we swapped pressies but will try to catch her wearing it later in the year. I have to say it was the jolliest colour of wool I've ever knitted! She was very pleased with her present too.

It was great fun to make and swap presents and to have completely free rein(sp?) as to what we made. I did consider making her a pair of my moss stitch slippers (which I've since remembered came from an Erika Knight book) but thought she would like the hat better.

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