Sunday, August 27, 2006

Megsterino - The Jelly Cat

Just have to quickly upload this photo of my adopted cat Meg. She first appeared on my shed roof last Autumn and ever-so-gradually moved in. She's absolutely gorgeous, SO affectionate and sometimes very grumpy. She most likes it when my husband works from home and they both settle down to watch an afternoon matinee.

She likes the house to be quiet, warm and semi-dark.

We tried to move her onto dry food but ended up having to hide it under a big load of jelly. She's a jelly-fiend and often leaves the lumps of meat in her dish and just sucks off all the jelly.

Her main point of entry into the house is over the roof and through the upstairs landing window. To wake us up in the morning she goes out of the landing window, walks along the roof to our (slanting) bedroom window and jumps on it. She has access to the house and food in her bowl and all she wants is a cuddle.


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