Sunday, August 27, 2006

Moss Stitch Slippers

I don't remember which book I got this pattern out of. I often get knitting books out of the library, particularly ones out of print (or not easy to find) or books that only have one or two patterns I want to make. This pattern also has baby sizes.

I wasn't sure about these slippers when I first made them about a month ago but now I absolutely love them. They took about four evenings to make and are made in Rowan Denim. I think what put me off initially was the colour (I find knitting black has the same effect). I wanted to knit them in (what else?) purple. The recipe said I could use Denim or Hand Knit Cotton DK but my local John Lewis didn't have Hand Knit DK in purple. I added the little roses to make them more interesting.

The Rowan Denim label said I should wash all the pieces before sewing them together but I never take notice of boring advice like that. I've since washed them several times and they're great.

I also never block and iron anything I knit and can't believe how many people do from the knitting blogs I've read.

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