Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's Me!

This is me in one of my favourite cafes in Norwich. I actually went looking through my files to see if I could find a photo of the purple vest I knitted from Vintage Knits but I don't know where it's gone.

Anyway, this is what I look like. I'm planning to take photos of everything I've knitted (that I haven't given away) and posting those first, then will do the usual current projects, etc.

I have three projects on the go at the moment. A pair of mittens (purple and blue) from a Danish pattern a friend gave me; what my friend Anna and I call our "TV jumper", it's the kidsilk haze stripy jumper from the Vintage Knits book again. We call it the TV jumper because it's easy to watch TV whilst knitting, i.e. no concentration required (this is my third); and Gemma from last winter's Rowan magazine, which has been a year in the making (so far), I'm knitting it in purple with red loops.

Most of my knitwear is purple. I was fixed on purple and green for a while, then I made myself move on to purple and another colour. My winter wear (mittens, hat, scarf) is all purple and blue, all from different yarns as I like trying new things and I don't want stuff to TOTALLY match.

Okay, will stop here and do photos on the weekend. P x x x

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