Sunday, August 27, 2006

Vintage Knits Vest


Ahem, another awful photo (might have to buy new digi camera) but this is the vest, again from Vintage Knits. It was the first thing I knitted when I bought the book (Vintage Knits is still my all-time favourite knitting book). This was when I was still in my purple and green phase. Knitted in Cotton Glace. I loved knitting it, loved the easy little holes that add loads to the design and liked knitting the long straps. HOWEVER, I found the ribbon very fiddly and still have trouble flattening the picot edging (lots of steam ironing), which means I rarely wear it. Also the straps were FAR too long so I have the excess hanging inside down my back. And I knitted a medium whereas I should probably have knitted a small. The bust area is a bit baggy so I pulled the ribbon tighter to compensate. Still looks lovely though.

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