Saturday, August 04, 2012

The animals have taken over :)

This is the very sweet toad that is living in our compost bin. He's been there for at least a week. I first discovered him when I went to empty our kitchen compost into the bin outside and had spilled tomato sauce on him, just as I tipped the compost into the bin. I had to dig him out (a bit of onion landed on his head) and I put a water bowl outside in case he needed to wash himself, but next time I looked he was sitting on top of the compost seemingly happy (and clear of tomato sauce). The only problem is - I now don't know what to do with my kitchen compost as I don't want to chuck stuff on his head again. Hmm.
And this little video is from a week ago. It's my grape-frenzied hens :)


Will said...

Paula, having a toad inside your compost is a wonderful sign - in that microcosmos he is the top predator and shows that all the other layers of the food web are so teeming with life that there's plenty spare for him to eat. A compost bin without a toad is like the Serengeti without lions: keep those kitchen scraps coming!


Paula said...

Ah, thanks Will! I didn't want to smother him! Will try throwing it to the side :)