Thursday, August 02, 2012

Holiday - Day Four

My favourite way to begin the day - cappuccino, knitting, and surfing knitting blogs at the kitchen table with the window open (and usually a cat on my lap).
Then a drive down to see my folks after dropping Hagos at the airport. I love this drive.
I listened to the Lodestar album REALLY LOUDLY! Lodestar was my husband's last band, and it's my favourite album in the whole world, ever. The music is astounding, and the range is epic, and Heitham's vocals are often moving. But the sensitivity between the bass and guitar is incredible and the drums are lovely. "Better Late Than Never" had to be played twice because it was so amazing and it made me laugh. 

I took no photos of my time in Dumfries; my great-nephew and -niece were there and it's fairly frantic keeping up with them. 
I bought blue nail varnish and so far have painted one hand (I know from experience you can't rush or force such things).
And knitted more sock! Now, continued sock-knitting, episode 7 of Borgen and a cat on my lap :)

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barefoot mama said...

Looks like you are having a lovely break:)) Enjoy!