Sunday, August 05, 2012

New Socks!

I finished the first pair of winter socks! I'm very pleased with them. I have a little list of items I want to make before winter arrives: 

  • two more pairs of socks (a yellow and yellow stripy pair, and to finish off my muted purple socks with the orange/green/green stripes); 
  • two winter vests (the off-white that I'm halfway through knitting, and the same again in navy blue); 
  • and a TV jumper (at the moment I'm thinking off-white for most of the body and arms with just the very top/neckline and top of the arms in red).
I could also do with a couple of woolly cardigans, but I think I'll buy those rather than make them. I just don't have the time to knit everything! I also promised my youngest Godson that I'd make him a pair of Norwegian mittens to match mine and his mum's. We were out on a walk one day, and he kept saying how much he liked my mittens, and in a moment of generosity I asked if he'd like me to knit him a pair, to which he answered yes. I then forgot all about it till I next saw him and he asked me how his mittens were coming along. I was a bit taken aback, and said they'd definitely be ready by winter time. And almost every time I've seen him since (which is at least once a week) he asks if I've finished knitting his mittens. NEVER tell kids you'll do something for them because they NEVER forget.

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