Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Holiday - Day Three

This morning I made chocolate chip cookies, from my trusty old Mrs Beeton's cook book. I love these cookies - they always turn out well, even though I substitute 50g of soft demerara sugar for 50g of golden caster sugar (I generally use golden caster as my default sugar). A few cookies, a cup of tea and surfing some Scandinavian knitting blogs :) 

I woke up super-early at 7am this morning. I thought it must be about 9am, but once I was awake I felt like getting up. I managed to clear all this from the back door before breakfast (after I'd checked on the hens). So I no longer feel like I'm breaking out of Sleeping Beauty's castle every time I want to hang the washing out or visit the neighbours. (There's lots more to do.)
I finished knitting a capped sleeve for my winter vest.
And cast on my second blue-and-blue striped sock :)
And I always have time to hang out with my little friend, though sometimes her looks can be particularly withering ("Why are you bothering me?")
But she is stunningly beautiful and very cuddly.

I also tidied the kitchen, so we have a clear table, and clear work surfaces. It's so nice to have a clear and clean home. And I also cleaned the bathrooms.

Later, more knitting; finishing off reading Affinity by Sarah Waters; and maybe we'll watch a film.

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