Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Good Things About Norfolk

There are certain things I look forward to every year. In May the bush outside our kitchen window is taken over with gorgeous bees for the whole month. They hum and buzz all day long and I love watching them through the window as they go from tiny flower to tiny flower, wiggling their bums, covered in pollen.
And then there are the hollyhocks, which are giant flowers and take over the whole town. I love the range of colours, particularly one smoky tobacco clump that grows in the centre of town.
We mainly have varying shades of pink, but we have this one clump of yellow too.
I'm feeling much more energetic again. I think I had a bug last weekend. I slept for six hours on the couch on both Saturday and Sunday.

When I got home from work last night (after dropping Hagos at the airport) I heavily pruned the bee bush in front of the kitchen window (I always wait until the bees are finished with it for the year, of course) as the bush was beginning to come inside the house every time we opened the door. And when it had been raining you would be showered with raindrops, leaves and spiders. So, that is finally tidy and we can see out of the windows again. And I also, after speaking with my sister about electrical goods that go faulty (washing machines, fridge freezers etc) managed to take out and CLEAN the drawer in my washing machine where the liquids go. It was totally bunged up and took a good fifteen minutes to clean, but now it's working beautifully.
Today I watched the women's Wimbledon final - all a bit disappointing after Murray was knocked out last night. I SO wanted him to be in the final tomorrow. I really thought he would have a chance against Federer. Anyway, the Williams sisters playing each other doesn't hold any suspense for me at all. Now I'm planning to continue putting the house to rights, go for a bike ride and then settle down to watch a bit of telly later on tonight.

Meg has been a bit more sociable today. She has been almost entirely living in my shed for the past week. I open the door for her in the morning and she either sleeps on my swivel chair, or on a blanket on my desk. It makes working in there a wee bit difficult because if I make a noise or move around too much she lifts her head and LOOKS at me. And I get the full meaning of the look. Wee gorgeous.

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