Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dahlia Darling

I went to the garden centre today, and was struck by how beautiful these flowers were every time I walked past. I was pleased to discover they are dahlias, and they reminded me of one of my favourite TV series, Jeeves and Wooster. Wooster has an aunt Dahlia, and at one point they are scheming together to get Dahlia's husband Tom to give her more money for the ladies magazine she publishes. Wooster: "He'll say, 'Dahlia darling.' He does call you Dahlia, doesn't he?"
So, along with the dahlia I bought some jalapeno peppers.
My tomato plants are bursting forth with tomatoes!!!
And today I also bought carrot seeds and beetroot seeds! I feel very out of my depth planting these. I really have no idea if I've done them correctly or not. I guess we'll see!

I've known for years that when I feel stressed or un-grounded I turn to knitting. It steadies and comforts me. And now I think I've found another steadying and comforting thing to do: gardening. I'm very small scale (a courgette plant, a potato plant and a tomato pot until today) but I really love looking after my plants, watching them grow and flower and bear fruit. And then, where appropriate, eating them!

Talking of knitting, I have a couple of things to show, but I'll leave that for another day.

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