Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to Work

I woke up today feeling overwhelmingly sad, due to various converging, contributing factors. An emotional crash.

So I decided to take myself off to my favourite coffee house in Norwich, Expresso's, and take my laptop and books and get back to work.

It absolutely did the trick. I soon felt re-set and relieved to be able to work again.
Hagos left me his camera to use while he is away on this bit of his tour and I took a few photos in Expresso's, including the one above of the wallpaper. I don't like cows at all, but I like the colour of the wallpaper and I like designer wallpaper very much.
I love this grainy black and white photo.

So, for the rest of the day I plan to: cycle, read, and write.

I've been missing Meg's company very much the last couple of weeks. Straight after breakfast she goes into my shed and sleeps on my swivel chair all day long. Yesterday I bought her a new bed for downstairs, and also a matching igloo bed for upstairs. She totally ignored both of them, until I set the igloo bed right in front of her as she was miaowing to be let out the top window last night. She climbed straight into it, lay down, and purred very deeply! I was really pleased. Today again she's shown no interest in either, and she ran away from me when I tried to take her back to bed with me this morning after the postman had been. I hope she's okay.

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