Monday, May 25, 2009

A Scottish Weekend

We went to Scotland this weekend for a long weekend. First of all we visited Hagos's mum in Ayrshire, then we made our way through to Edinburgh.A day at Yellow Craigs beach. A hole was dug and a child was eager to get into it. We took about four huge bags' worth of picnic food, and a barbecue tray and had hot dogs on buns on the beach, finished off with ice cream in the car park, then to Pizza Express to meet more friends. In the evening it pared down to me, Hagos, Rik and Pete chatting till midnight in the pub. A thoroughly good day.
After dinner on Saturday night. The boys love having their photo taken, and particularly like making short films in which they enact a story. This weekend it was all about one boy swimming on the floor, then the other one appearing close-up to the camera. The only dialogue was, "Exterminate. Exterminate," said by the one swimming.
Me, JJ and Hagos. JJ loves playing with hair and sat beside me most of the weekend being my 'hairdresser'.

It's nice to be home again and to see Meg. If only we could transplant the whole of our village to the outskirts of Edinburgh it would be absolutely perfect.

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