Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shortbread and Pants

The last lot of shortbread I made disappeared rather quickly, so today I made some more. The first batch of shapes were giraffes and hearts, but unfortunately the giraffes didn't fare very well in the oven, being too skinny-legged and skinny-necked. I even set the oven at a lower heat and took them out two minutes early but they still burned. The next batch I did were cats and men, which were better. I was a bit disappointed, though I expect they'll end up tasting much the same. I used up every scrap of dough and got enough biscuits to fill my biscuit tub.
I think they look good inside the tub.

Yesterday on a complete whim, I went to Anglian Fashion Fabrics at lunchtime and bought material, trimming and elastic thread to make PANTS!

I've thought about making my own pants for years and never got round to doing anything about it. Last night I cut up a pair of old pants that are comfy, and sketched round them onto graph paper. I'm hoping to cut them out and sew them together later.
The fabric shop has a few bolts of fabric that would be suitable for making pants so if this is a success I'll make more. Might even extend to making vests as well.

For now though, I'm sitting on the couch, with my feet up, about to read a Famous Five book (for pure escapism) with Meg beside me covering her eyes (her way of telling us not to bother her) and her tail quivering as she dreams. The fire is lit, and it's Saturday.

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Chrissy in Chaos said...

This is not going to sound quite how it should probably - but don't forget to show us your knickers!!