Thursday, February 26, 2009

I made a shower cap

One of my friends, who I made one of my famous toiletries bags for, asked me if she could commission me to make her a matching shower cap. I didn't have any of the lovely Carla Miller Purple Gerbera material left so had to search the internet for more. I was lucky to find some just up the road from me in Norfolk at Wroxham Barns Sew Creative.
So, not having a pattern for a shower cap, I measured my own head, added an inch, then drew a rough 17" circle onto graph paper. I cut both material and lining (the waterproof lining I use for my toiletries bags) to the pattern then shaved off a centimetre and a half from the lining, then pinned them together, hemmed all the way round. I did little tucks regularly spaced to compensate for the curve.
Sewed the hem, inserted the elastic etc, et voila! I have a beautiful matching shower cap. I'll give it to her this weekend as part of her belated Christmas present.

We're off to Scotland tomorrow to celebrate Hagos's and my dad's birthdays.

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