Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mini Moo-tastic

I succumbed to Moo again! They're just so much fun to make and have delivered. And any website that remembers your credit card details (like Amazon and Moo) is bound to be a winner. It's so easy to press the "one click" button just as you happen to be on the right (or wrong) side of indecision, et voila it's already on its way to you!
This time I opted for mini cards. I really love Lara Cameron's designs, and would love to have her material (definitely a rival with Amy Butler for my affections). I thought about making more postcards using her designs (and I still may) but it was too exciting to be able to choose fifty different designs (two of each) for the mini cards.
I really enjoy wrapping presents, so decided to use these as gift tags, and the range of colours and designs means I can colour coordinate with any wrapping paper.
You can choose font, colour and words for the back. I went for orange, in honour of Meg, of course. I'm looking forward to my next present-wrapping session.

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