Sunday, February 08, 2009

I made pants!

These are my home-made pants! The Prototype, because I think I'll have to wear them out first before I decide whether the pattern needs adjusting.

They were really fun to make. I think next time I need to stretch the elastic trim more
before sewing it onto the fabric. I thought I'd stretched it quite a bit , but once I'd finished I realised I'd only stretched the elastic by a couple of inches and it could do with a bit more.

Also, I used normal thread, though I bought elastic thread. Might try the elastic thread next time. The pants are comfy and fit well, I'm just a bit concerned about breaking the thread when I'm pulling them on, in case I pull too hard. We'll see.

I'm not allowed to wear the pants until after Wednesday though, as my work mates all want to see the finished product and they were eager to stipulate that the pants shouldn't be worn before I brought them in! As if I'd take worn knickers into work and show them around!
I also did a staying stitch all the way round the edges, and next time I need to do that closer to the edge as you can just see it peeking under the elastic trim above. I finished the pants by trimming them with a little flower. Ah.

The weekend seems to go faster and faster. I could easily do the whole weekend again.


Chrissy in Chaos said...

Your pants are lovely! (again it sounds wrong)

suna said...

Who thinks to make that???? You are very creative.