Monday, February 23, 2009

Queen Meg

When I have a day in the shed I always switch on the electricity first while I'm making breakfast, to turn the heater on, then after breakfast I take my box of books and laptops out to the shed and set them all up, then I go back inside to make myself a coffee before heading back out to the shed to work.

This morning Meg intercepted me between setting up the shed and making coffee. I let her into the shed, spread out a warm, comfy blanket for her to lie on, and went back into the house to make my coffee. When I returned to the shed I found her sitting on my chair, as I knew I would. It must be just the right size for her because she often chooses it above anything else to sit on.
And when I rolled the chair nearer the blanket to encourage her to move, I was soft-pawed for my trouble. What a sweetie!

We had a really nice weekend: lunch in Cafe Rouge; then on Sunday Vicky came round and made us pancakes, which was a lovely treat. I should really have taken photos but the pancakes were so delicious I didn't want to stop while I got my camera. I had two with Green and Black's chocolate spread and fresh strawberries, and two with fresh lemon and caster sugar! Deelicious.

I've noticed that my blog has been rather Meg orientated recently. We're off to Scotland next weekend, so I'll try to broaden my gaze then.

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Maria Rose said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!