Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing with Meg

I just happened to be sitting on the floor - well, actually that's not entirely accurate. I was sitting comfortably on the couch but I moved to the floor because Meg came through the cat flap from outside and I didn't want to be pinned to the couch by her sitting on me. Anyway, while I was down here, Meg jumped up onto her seat on the couch and I thought it might be a good angle to take photos from. I have a similar (actually better) photo to the one above, but I really like when she comes right into the camera.
She's very forbearing when I photograph her, but all the photos I took just now have the same, rather grudging look as this photo above. Like she's barely putting up with me and my nonsense.

I worked this morning instead of this afternoon as I had to drop Hagos off at the train station for the 8am train to London. So now I'm planning to sew my pants together, make Meg new cushion covers, and do some housework.

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