Saturday, September 06, 2008


I wanted to spend today at home and when I got up it felt like such an autumnal day I put on my woolly tights and boots and a warm jumper and walked to Reepham Station. When I set off I realised it wasn't quite as cool as I'd thought, however, once at the station there were a couple of rain showers and that cooled the air considerably.

Today I gave myself £5 pocket money (I like my own pocket money scheme) and I had Earl Grey tea and a sausage roll at the station while I wrote a letter to my friend. Then I spent the rest on the items above. I love those Halloween sweets. I got the keyring with my initial to match Meg in colour, and the raspberry jam as a little sweet treat.

Meg was quite vile to me last night. She wants a treat to eat herself every day and when I don't produce either chicken or tuna she attacks me. First of all she sits staring at me pointedly, then she turns in the direction of the kitchen. When that doesn't work she jumps all over me, bumping her head into me, and again looking at me knowingly, and then if I still don't respond to that she races round the house at top speed, sending things flying, before running up to me and biting me! Last night I'd just stood up to deal with her and she stood on her back legs, grabbed me with her front paws and bit me on my thigh. She has really sharp little teeth. So today, on the way home from the station, I bought her a big tin of tuna, and I plan to go shopping later to Sainsburys, and now she's settled down happily on the couch. She's a little gorgeous bully.

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Angifreak said...

Ah, I can completely identify with wee Meg... when I want a treat I'm a terror. I haven't actually bitten anyone on the leg yet, but since it's a tactic that works, I might have to add it to my repertoire. :)