Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Elephants for Jo

In honour of my colleague Jo, who was obsessed by the Go Elephant exhibition in Norwich recently, I made 'Jo Elephants' tonight. I don't often make biscuits, and I think I erred on the side of caution too much by leaving them in the oven just a couple of minutes too long. Anyway, when they were finished I had two to try and they taste really nice. I'm sure my colleagues will appreciate them tomorrow.
I wasn't expecting the icing sugar to be so tricky though, which is why it looks like a two year old has decorated them! Maybe it should have been runnier? It kind of detracts from the elephant shape having a big white splodge!
My energy has been very strange today. I took Hagos to the train station for the 8.30am train for him to go on tour. We went to bed about midnight last night, and I didn't get off to sleep for a couple of hours. I have some fresh espresso coffee I add to my cup of decaf coffee in the morning, and it's so strong it's still in my system 12 hours later. And I only use about a quarter espresso to three quarters decaf! It gives it a lovely kick, but, hm, looks like I'll have to give it up. But when I got home from town today I meant to go to the gym and do a whole load of stuff but very quickly I realised I would really wipe myself out for the week if I did. So, I read, slept, and baked biscuits, and by 5 o'clock my energy had balanced out again. I felt extremely tired but also a strong urge to DO something energetic.

I think I'll have an early night.

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