Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vicarious Treats

Yesterday was the most manic day at work. Even with one of my colleagues helping me I didn't get everything done that I wanted to. Then a friend turned up to collect me to take me to Wagamamas for dinner and I kept her waiting outside for 15-20 minutes as I frantically tried to finish up.

Wagamamas was really lovely, and when I got home I felt that euphoric end-of-the-week feeling. After all the busy-ness of the day I could let it all go and RELAX! And I had an urge to make toffee apples. Initially I looked in Mrs Beeton's cookbook but there was no toffee apple recipe there; instead I found it in How To Be A Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson. I think I'll make it for my work colleagues. Like meringues dipped in chocolate, I figure toffee apples must be light on calories, which is important when we're all on diets.
Looking for a toffee apple recipe led me to look through the rest of the book. Above is a treat I'd really like to make.
But I also really fancy this dense chocolate loaf. I figure I'm doing so well with my gym routine I can afford to indulge once a month.
Today has been a very lovely slow day. Meg joined me in bed early this morning. We eventually got up about half ten, then I had a leisurely walk to the shop to get milk and had porridge and banana for breakfast. Since then I've mostly been reading.

Hagos has been in Spain for the past couple of days with Tunng. I'm collecting him from the station at 6.30pm, then it'll be home for the first installment of Strictly Come Dancing. He's off again in two days' time with Teddy Thompson and James Blunt.

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