Saturday, September 13, 2008


A little package was waiting for me when I got home on Thursday night from work and inside was the new iPod! It's totally amazing and has video too. It's a present from Hagos and I didn't even know he'd bought it for me until it arrived. I've never had an iPod before so I was very excited. Hagos set up iTunes on my old laptop and then it was really easy just copying the CDs I wanted onto it. When I got the bus to work on Friday morning I switched it on and while I'd been asleep Hagos has gone to the iTunes site and had downloaded the Amy Winehouse album, which I've wanted for ages.
I've wanted an iPod for years but always had more pressing things to spend the money on so it was a really, really lovely surprise.
This last photo shows my favourite band and album of all time. Lodestar. It's my husband's band but that's not the reason I like Lodestar. The music is dynamic, intelligent and dirty. Have a listen yourself.

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