Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trop Belle Pour Toi

I think that was the name of a film Hagos and I went to see years ago when we lived in London, and it came to me when I was photographing my Japanese stationery. Too Beautiful For You, or indeed anyone.
I visited Japan about twelve years ago with my husband's band. I was ostensibly selling the band's merchandise, but in reality the Japanese are so organised I barely had to do anything at all. Which left a lot of time for shopping. I have a thing for stationery anyway but the Japanese stuff is by far the most exquisite I've ever seen. The notelet above came from a pack that had writing paper, notelets, envelopes and stickers. They each had funny little translated phrases on, such as 'Love is one of my important nutritions', and 'I feel so elevated my cheeks are turning pink', and 'There is the time when your heart is warmed up'. So sweet and something slightly lost in translation but all the more potent for it.
I used to do a lot of letter writing, before email became everyday, and I still love getting letters, especially those written on lovely paper in special ink.
Trop Belle Pour Toi surely relates to this beautiful shell and sea paper. And this:
It would have to be someone so special, in such special circumstances, to warrant writing on this.
In fact, the last time I used my Japanese stationery was five years ago, using the set above. It was after Hagos and I got married, and my Aunt Peggy sent us a card and some money afterwards (we got married suddenly with just two witnesses and then told everyone after). My Aunt Peggy was my favourite auntie when I was growing up. She was always good fun to be around and everyone liked her. Because I moved away from home when I was 19 I lost touch with her and didn't see much of her over the years, though I kept up with her news through my mum. So I sent her a heartfelt thank you letter and soon after, next time I was visiting my folks, I went to see her with my mum and sister and we had a really good evening. Soon after Aunt Peggy had a stroke and had to go into a nursing home. I never saw her again. She died about a year later.
Anyway, that's an example of how important a situation it has to be to use the Japanese writing paper! Above are two of the hotels we stayed in when we were in Japan, The Shinjuku Prince and The Osaka Grand. I would love to go back to Japan. It's my number one place I'd like to revisit from all the places I've been. My number one place I'd like to visit from places I haven't been is Iceland. I love remote, cold, mountainous landscapes. And kooky people.

After photographing all of the above today, I tried photocopying the cat writing paper and notelets, and it worked out rather well. So I'll be able to extend the life of one of my writing sets!

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