Saturday, October 20, 2007

Embroidered Coasters

I finished my coasters today and feel very satisfied with them. I bought the interfacing at John Lewis this afternoon and it only took me about an hour to do all three. I had to unpick my first one as I put the interfacing between the fabric! And only discovered the mistake when I went to turn it inside out. My least favourite is the owl. I think I used the wrong colours. I love the teapot and the cupcake.

I thought of using the Kaffe Fassett paperweight algae (top) for the underneath of all three coasters, then decided to use the scraps from other leftover fabric as well. I think the paperweight algae suits the coasters best though.

John Lewis has really lovely Christmas fabric instore at the moment. At only £5 a metre. I considered buying 1/2 a metre of two or three of them to make Christmas placemats but I'm on an economy drive and decided to leave it for now. I'll probably buy it next week instead. So much lovely fabric in the world!!!

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Angifreak said...

Paula! I'm visiting... virtually. I love your coasters! I'm home in about two weeks and then I start my nesting and sewing and knitting again. I'm so excited.

Have you been on Knitty lately? The put up this ridiculous balaclava/skeleton mask thing and I do believe I have to make it. I've got a compulsion... that and the Pirates hat on Hello Yarn's site. Sigh. So many projects and my fingers feel very arthritic from doing swag. Strange. I think it's some psycho-somatic reaction to being on a tour I shouldn't be on... sigh.

OK. Get you to your crafting! Keep posting photos -- I'll put some of my stuff up when I get home.

Hugs to you and the man and the cat!
ange xx