Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Holiday, A Great-Nephew and Embroidery

I went home to Scotland at the weekend, returning yesterday. This is my view from the plane. I flew to Glasgow, which is much more pleasant than getting the train. I had a really nice time with my family and got to see my great-newphew, Keigan, again: I love this expression. And his smile: He has a lot of people caring for him, which is really sweet to see. Everyone adores him.I took some embroidery and knitting to do when I was up there. I'm planning to make these into coasters, from the pattern in bend-the-rules-sewing. I think they'll be fun to have around. I quite like the material I'm using. It's plain greenish cotton, which I got from John Lewis fairly cheaply. I thought about buying more to make one of my tops, with long sleeves this time, and embroidering it with something. Not quite sure what yet. I considered random embroidery all over, or cakes along the bottom, or cats or polar bears. We'll see! When I went to the station to book my ticket up to Glasgow for the flight back, I walked past this old building: Ewart Library, where I used to go every Saturday morning for a new book to read. Just inside the entrance is a huge marble staircase and a very shiny handrail. I loved walking up to the children's section, and the sound of the echoes inside the place.

My nephew's girlfriend, Dayna, is an illustrator. Check out her website here. There's a really good caricature of my sister and her husband, with their dog, Spike. Jacqueline has a bottle of Champagne in her hand, and Robin has a bottle of whisky in his.

Well that's all for now. I was really pleased to see Hagos and Meg when I got home. And I'm looking forward to the Haggarty weekend.

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