Saturday, October 27, 2007

An Adventurous Week....

This week our friends Pete and Lynsey, and their children Nate and J, came to visit from Edinburgh. They stayed in a converted railway station about ten minutes' away. On Monday we went to the Dinosaur Adventure Park, which was much better than I expected. It was really nice to spend the day outside, walking around, seeing dinosaurs (why are children so obsessed by dinosaurs?) and watching the kids running around and climbing and shouting.
I was working three days, but the others went to Banham Zoo one day, and Great Yarmouth model village and Seaworld another. We spent a couple of evenings eating at home, a couple at their station and a couple eating out at Wagamama's and Pizza Express. The kids were keen to stroke and poke and prod Meg, who forbore it all rather well.
We had a couple of evenings playing games once Nate and J had gone to bed. I won at Monopoly, though Hags and I were accused of an illegal move when Hagos gave me a property so I could start building houses and hotels. Then we played Super Cluedo and Lynsey won. Hagos and I are keen games players and are really happy when we come across other people who like playing games too. We both played a lot of board games when we were kids.

It was really nice to see them all for the week. There's something about old friendships that is really comfortable and easy.

Today Hagos and I went into town and did our usual Saturday. I had meant to go into John Lewis and buy some Christmas fabric to make some placemats and coasters, just to satisfy my urge to make something. But we didn't quite have the energy to walk that far, so I think I may use my Kaffe Fassett Paperweight Algae to make one of my Simplicity tops tomorrow/Monday.
And just for posterity: a photo of Pete in his Shirt.

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