Saturday, October 06, 2007

Births, Deaths, Mittens and Biscuits

The last time I went to Scotland to see my parents, my dad gave me this. My birth registration. He found it in a drawer when he was looking for something else and, as I was coming to visit, kept it out for me to see. My mother told him I wouldn't be interested in it but I think it's amazing. I love the record keeping of people's lives. Its pristine condition, after thirty nine years, is an indication of how orderly my parents are.

I've been watching Who Do You Think You Are, re-runs on TV recently. Natasha Kaplinsky and Stephen Fry both had ancestors who were murdered by the Nazis, poor souls. It's fascinating what people uncover though, and the documents and registers that still exist to tell the story. I'd love to know more about my ancestors. My mother comes from a huge family of 'Black Douglases' (Douglas pronounces 'Dooglis'). All very dark haired, gypsy looking. And my dad's surname of Main, which I rarely come across, except when there's a story about fishermen in Aberdeen and then the spokesperson seems to always be called Main. I think my cousin David did some research recently on my father's side of the family, so I should really get in touch with him (to save myself some effort).Without giving too much away: this will either be my 'make it Secret Santa' or a Christmas present for a friend. I haven't decided yet. This is the second mitten. Of course, I can't reveal the first.And finally, a photo of HERSELF. Hagos squished some mouse entrails between his toes this morning when he came down to the bathroom. Yuck. The DVDs, which we keep beside the TV on the floor, were scattered, and the fireside rug was scrunched up as if a furry animal had skidded into it. No other animal parts were to be found, so we assumed she'd eaten the rest of the poor wee creature. Those paws are probably the last thing many a mouse sees before it's chewed.

I'm thinking of starting a 'past life' strand on here. When I don't have any knitting or sewing to show I'll dig something out from my life and wander down memory lane.

Must go now though. I've promised Hagos I'll go to the shop and buy lemon biscuits and make a cup of tea.

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