Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cake, Sardines, 70s Husband

It was Katy's birthday a couple of weeks ago and I promised I'd make her chocolate muffins. Only problem was, out of all my recipe books I didn't have one recipe for chocolate muffins. So I made the decision to merge my 'glukk' cake recipe (quite a gooey, liquid cake mix) and, basically, muffin cases. The result: rather a flat little delicious chocolate cake x 20. I took most of them into work for Katy/the table, and Hagos and I finished off the last three tonight!
Yesterday I met Mo and Bev in Cafe 33 for lunch. I parked at work and walked along the river to the cafe. It was such a beautiful, fresh sunny morning.
This is the Sardine Mountain. Meg loves the 'Oh So Fishy' range of Whiskas, but doesn't like the Sardine flavour. And this is the result. Today I put a notice on our police notice board (online) selling 15 pouches for £1.50, a real bargain. I immediately got four replies (one from Bethany at the end of my desk) so I've sold 60 pouches. Now, of course, I wish I'd put it on for a bit more money. Frankly though, I just wanted to be rid of it. The kitchen cupboard is being taken over by unwanted cat food.

And finally, I have to upload this photo of my husband. He likes to dress up when going through customs:

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Rik said...

I believe I've seen that 'tash before.